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Whether you are working in research, production or QC, safety comes
Ƃrst 8W4 offers an eZtensiXe range of products to heNp you stay
safe, offering great SuaNity products at affordaDNe prices
8W4|InternationaN is committed to proXiding customers with the
information and tooNs to heNp them acSuire the appropriate safety
products and serXices for their speciƂc needs 1ur commitment
Degins with our team of eZperienced and capaDNe safety saNes
Thereos oXer 2000 new products in this edition, we are introducing
new ranges from Kwintet (Fristads & Kansas), Sioen, Centurion,
and|Portwest 8W4 is aNso in a uniSue position to De aDNe to
proXide you with market Neading Drand names such as #nseNN, $oNNe,
KimDerNy CNark, &upont, /, *oneyweNN and the high performance,
great XaNue for money 8W4|CoNNection
Make this catalogue your one stop shop for safety!
This cataNogue can onNy giXe you a ƃaXour of what 8W4|InternationaN
can offer For our compNete range, reXiew our main cataNogues or
weDsite that has thousands of products compNete with a powerfuN
search engine and adXanced ƂNtering to make your Nife easy
Safety seminars available
tailoreF to your speciƂc
needs from our team of
safety specialists.
Contact your local VWR sales
ofƂce for further details.
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