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• Clamps firmly grip lab apparatus
• Ergonomic designs
• Durable, heavy-duty parts
• Built to last
The following are many options to consider when choosing the right clamp to suit your needs:
A majority of the VWR clamps are made of nickel-plated zinc which possess a high tensile strength paired with an economical price. The VWR stainless steel
clamp line is an option that offers higher chemical resistance and durability. Aluminum is another material that is used in some of the products to offer a greater
strength with a lighter weight.
Multi-purpose extension clamps allow placement of apparatus at various distances from a lab-frame. They are constructed with round extension arms, which
allow the clamps to be rotated 360°. Attachment to lab-frames and other apparatus is easily accomplished with a variety of holders that are purchased
separately. See Connectors & Holders section of this catalog (pages 93-95). Other clamps such as the swivel, fixed position, and some of the specialty clamps,
have a built in holder for attaching to lab-frames or other apparatus at a closer distance to the support.
Prong Type:
Two-prong clamps are ideal for holding straight-sided apparatus such as burets, thermometers, beakers, and flask necks. Three-prong clamps are more
versatile and have the added capability of holding irregularly shaped objects. Clamps are supplied with both non-slip vinyl sleeves and, for temperatures above
100°C, fiberglass covers.
Prong Adjustment:
Single adjust clamps are great for applications where limited jaw adjustment is required. One prong or “finger” is adjusted using a wing nut, while the other
prong remains stationary. Dual adjust clamps offer a greater flexibility because both prongs are adjustable over a wider range. Thumbscrews are utilized for
easier prong adjustment.
Holders and Connectors:
A variety of holders and connectors are available to secure apparatus specific to the different angles, diameters, and weights in your application allowing you
to customize as needed.
VWR offers a complete choice of standard and custom frames and rods. Corrosion resistant frames and rods are available in aluminum, fiberglass, and
stainless steel. Individual rods are available in standard lengths from 1.61 to 96” (41 to 2438mm). Standard lab-frame sets are available in five sizes. Combined
with VWR accessories, these frames and rods can be adjusted to fit any need. Custom lab-frame designs are available to meet your exacting requirements.
Depend on VWR for your custom mounting and sizing needs. Simply contact VWR
for personal design and fabrication assistance.
The unique design of these clamps, rods and supports, connectors, and accessories, conceivably offers one of the most extensive selections in the industry.
With a variety of sizes, materials, hardware, and designs, there is always an option to accommodate any application.
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