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Cryogenic Homogenizing System
Electrical (50/60 Hz)
Cat. No.
Cryogenic Homogenizing System
120V | 1 amps | 4 watts
Cryogenic Homogenizer
Cat. No.
Tray with six replacement mortar and pestles
Pestles set of 6 (replacement)
Replacement Accessories
• Handheld homogenizer with mortars and pestles
• Increases sample throughput
• System helps preserve sample integrity
Cryogenic Homogenizing System combines the ease and speed of a
handheld homogenizer and a liquid nitrogen cooled sample to homogenize
your sample faster and more efficiently. The cordless, motorized 3.6
volt unit’s speed is slower than a typical homogenizer to prevent sample
splattering and generation of airborne particles. Compact and versatile
design allows homogenizer to be held with a pistol grip.
The mortar and pestle are constructed of a durable porcelain/zirconium
composite. The rugged pestle has a stainless steel shaft with a hex bit for
quick connection to the motor. Mortar and pestle can be decontaminated
between samples by autoclaving, dry heat, or by exposing to a commercial
decontaminating solution. The Cryogenic Cooler is valuable for chilling,
processing, and transporting samples.
Units include motor unit, tray with six mortar and pestles, Cryogenic Cooler
with mesh covered sample reservoir and adsorbent material. Two year
limited warranty.
Speed Range
Sample Size:
< 500 mg (100mg optimal)
Dimensions, Overall (W x D x H)
6 x 2 x 5.5” (15.2 x 5 x 14cm)
(Cryo Cooler)
11 x 9 x 11.5” (27.9 x 22.9 x 29.2cm)
5.5 x 5 x 1.2” (13.9 x 12.7 x 3.0cm)
Shipping Weight
11lbs (5.0kg)
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