VWR Collection Laboratory Equipment - page 64

• Exceptional temperature uniformity and stability
• Optional external temperature probe
• Holds interchangeable modular blocks
Designed for applications that require repeatable results and superior temperature
stability. These multi-purpose units are ideal for incubation and activation of cultures,
enzyme reactions, immunoassays, melting/boiling points, and a wide variety of
other laboratory procedures. Integral support rod holder with locking knob accepts
optional External Temperature Probe Kit. Optional External Temperature Probe
Kit monitors actual block or sample temperature. Each of the five models accepts
separate interchangeable modular blocks, accommodating various tube sizes from
0.2mL micro-tubes to 50mL centrifuge tubes. Each block has a thermometer well for
measuring block temperature. Efficient heating due to close tube-and-block contact for
maximum heat retention. Heaters require VWR
modular heating blocks for operation.
Modular blocks are sold separately
(see pages 66-68).
Operating Features:
Microprocessor control:
PID temperature control, with optional external RTD probe,
offers a temperature stability as low as ±0.1°C with a temperature uniformity as low
as ±0.1°C. Samples are heated to temperature quickly and accurately. Temperature is
adjusted in ±0.1°C increments.
LED display
: Touch pad controls with easy-to-read, independent LED displays for
temperature, and time. Provides repeatable and accurate results every time and is
easily visible across lab benches. Shows set-point and actual temperatures. Timer
will display elapsed time or, when programmed to user defined limit, will shut off unit
when time reaches zero. Display will show last used settings, even after power has
been turned off.
Audible alarm:
In timed mode, alarm will sound when time reaches zero and when
unit reaches set-point temperature.
Temperature calibration mode:
Allows user to calibrate unit to an external
temperature device.
Safety Features:
Caution hot indicator:
Hot warning symbol light is illuminated when the temperature
is above 40°C.
Overshoot protection:
If the unit exceeds the set temperature by 10°C the unit will
automatically stop heating.
To avoid possible electrical hazard, do not fill well or block opening with
water or other fluids. Unit is designed as a dry bath/incubator.
Operating Conditions:
Units can be run in conditions from 18 to 33°C (64 to 91°F), maximum 80% relative
humidity, non-condensing.
Denaturing proteins, DNA applications, ELISA and other immunoassay studies.
optional block
optional block
not included)
Advanced Dry Block Heaters
@ 37°C
Uniformity Within the Block
@ 37°C
Uniformity Across Similar
Blocks @ 37°C
Heat-Up Time to 100°C
1 block
Ambient +5°C
to 120°C
120 volt units:
± 0.1°C
230volt units:
± 0.2°C
120 volt units:
± 0.1°C
230 volt units:
± 0.2°C
45 minutes
2 block
± 0.1°C
50 minutes
3 block
± 0.15°C
55 minutes
4 block
± 0.2°C
60 minutes
6 block
± 0.3°C
65 minutes
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