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The new VWR
family of laboratory shakers has one of the industries largest offerings on the market today, covering a wide range of applications. Many shakers
are available as incubating, cooling, or open air and with orbital, reciprocating, rocking, or waving motions. Capacities range from one microplate up to 150lbs
2 new models; the VWR
Thermal Shake Touch and the VWR
Cooling Thermal Shake Touch...operating a shaker this
sophisticated has never been easier.
• Touch screen technology
• On board help screens available on almost every screen
• Programmable for up to 5 separate programs or 10 if using the USB
• Small footprint
• Rapid heating and cooling with high speed shaking
• Patented design features
• Exceptional extended warranty on most models
• Advanced electronics
• Safety features
• Calibration modes
• Interfacing
• Easy to use controls
• Expanded line of accessories to fit almost any application
• Platforms (available in a variety of sizes):
• Universal - lets you easily mount flask clamps and test tube racks
• Dedicated - pre-mounted flask clamps of the same size, maximizes the capacity of your platform
• Adjustable - uses roller bars allowing the most flexibility in securing your vessels
• Culture- ideal for slow speed applications utilizing low profile, flat bottom vessels
• Large Vessel Carrier - utilizes high sides and a heavy-duty design to help secure oversized vessels
• Separatory Funnel - holds three 500mL to 2L funnels
• Clamps
• Erlenmeyer
• Media bottles
• Microplates
• Test Tube Racks
• Pivoting
• Fixed position
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