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Custom Manufacturing & Engineering
Any product you see in this catalog can be customized to meet your specific needs. Not only can we customize standard products, we can combine
technologies from several products to meet your specific application.
VWR, with their partners, demonstrates excellence in all areas of the manufacturing process from design, engineering, skilled workforce, capacity,
quality assurance, and post management customer service including:
• Engineering team with electronics, mechanical and graphic design experience.
• ISO 9000 registered quality system to assure high reliability in both design and manufacturing processes.
• Experienced regulatory processes in getting dozens of products UL, CSA, and CE approved.
• Manufacturing operation is UL and CSA approved and is “surprise” audited every 3 months according to regulatory standards.
• Turning, milling, assembly, as well as sourcing capabilities to produce or procure components at a competitive cost.
• Calibration system is ISO/IEC 17025 compliant.
• 6 highly trained staff metrologists who understand measurement technology and key attributes required to make accurate and repeatable
• State-of-the-art facility including a modern machine shop, cellular assembly area, and the world’s most environmentally stable calibration
• Management with Six Sigma Certification.
• Responsiveness to customers needs.
If there is a single factor that defines VWR and their partners’ competitive advantage, it is the commitment and ability to respond to our customers’
specific needs. Our sophisticated engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow us to address a broad range of product objectives: designing
entire product lines, introducing new products and technologies, and enhancing existing products.
Proven Technologies
VWR and their partners have worked with industry leaders to design solutions for production and research needs across the pharmaceutical and
life science industries. This experience is apparent in every product we engineer. We offer cost effective solutions to meet your customized needs.
Personalized Project Managers will work with you throughout the entire process. All custom designed products have state-of-the-art materials and
are manufactured in a CE/UL audited facility.
Listed are proven technologies that can be modified, enhanced or incorporated as is into custom products:
• Heating control
• Mechanical motion systems
• Digital and analog speed control systems
• In house knowledge as well as a vast network of suppliers who can support your design and manufacturing efforts
• Experience with a variety of materials
Custom capabilities in design, engineering and manufacturing can give you a distinct competitive advantage. Tell us your goals and objectives. Get
us involved early in the process. Let us be part of the solution and accelerate your time to discovery.
For more information on VWR’s custom manufacturing capabilities, contact VWR customer service or your VWR sales representative.
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