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* Maximum load rating represents static weight only. Static weight is the amount a unit can hold, not lift.
Optional Accessory
17” Support Rod Kit
Ideal for creating an adjustable support stand for mounting various items such as
thermometer clamps, temperature probes, flask and column clamps. This kit allows you to
mount a 17” (432mm) threaded vertical support rod to the upper deck of a 6 x 6” or 8 x 8”
Lab-Jack by screwing the rod into the pre-drilled hole.
17” Support Rod Kit includes:
1 - 17” (432mm) stainless steel rod
1 - jam nut
1 - flat washer
Deck Size
Min. to Max. Height
Max Load*
Cat. No.
4 x 4” (102 x 102mm)
2.5 to 5” (64 to 127mm)
25lbs (11.35kg)
6 x 6” (152 x 152mm)
3 to 9.75” (76 to 248mm)
30lbs (13.62kg)
8 x 8” (203 x 203mm)
3.5 to 13” (89 to 330mm)
45lbs (20.43kg)
Aluminum Lab-Jacks
• Exceptional stability and durability
• Aluminum construction
• Three convenient sizes
Aluminum Lab-Jacks provide stable height adjustment for various items
in the lab such as flasks, baths, and small equipment. Top and bottom decks
are constructed of anodized aluminum. Internal supports and drive screws are
constructed of stainless steel. Oversized sure-grip adjustment knobs provide
smooth and accurate height adjustment. Lab-Jacks accept optional Support
Rod Kit which mounts to the upper deck.
Rod Diameter
Cat. No.
17” Support Rod Kit
0.51” (13mm)
1...,98,99,100,101,102,103,104,105,106,107 109,110,111,112,113,114,115,116
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