J.T.Baker® Robotic Tips Sample Request

J.T.Baker automation tips are engineered with a straighter tip for low rejection and less breakage. They can reliably dose small volumes with high precision and no contamination.

We are excited to have you test these premium tips on your robotic platforms and experience their reliable performance. Choose from a selection of filter or non-filter tips, at various volumes, designed to run on Hamilton or Tecan compatible platforms. Samples will be sent in a blister pack containing 2 racks of 96 tips within 1 – 2 weeks of your request.

Hamilton Non-filter:
49010-0003 - 50 µL, non-filter, conductive tips
49008-0003 - 300 µL, non-filter, conductive tips
49009-0005 - 1000 µL, non-filter, conductive tips
Hamilton Filter:
49008-0105 - 300 µL, filter, conductive tips
49009-0105 - 1000 µL, filter, conductive tips
Tecan Non-filter:
49002-0006 - 200 µL, non-filter, conductive tips
49003-0006 - 1000 µL, non-filter, conductive tips
Tecan Filter:
49006-0106 - 50 µL, filter, conductive tips
49002-0106 - 200 µL, filter, conductive tips
49003-0106 - 1000 µL, filter, conductive tips

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